Studio Policy

Tuition: tuition is billed on a semester basis.   Each semester will have between 12 and 16 lessons, depending on holidays and the day of your lesson. Tuition may be paid in full by the 2nd lesson of the semester, or you may make a monthly payment if it is automatically sent by your bank each month through auto bill pay.  The monthly tuition amount is averaged out over the number of months so that the amount is always the same, regardless of the number of lessons per month. One hour lessons are $84; 45 minute lessons are $68.


Cancellations and make-ups: there will be a make up week for missed lessons at the end of the semester.  Please give me as much advance notice as possible if you know you will be missing a lesson. If you advise me of any scheduling conflicts at the beginning of the semester, I will pro-rate the tuition. However, please be aware that without a minimum of 3 DAYS NOTICE, I will be unable to give a credit for a missed lesson and cannot guarantee rescheduling the lesson in that same week. If a conflict arises and you need to reach me, please call my cell phone.  (Email is fine, if it is in addition to phone calls.)  Any lesson missed due to illness or other uncontrollable circumstances will be made up during the make-up week. 


Practicing:  I recommend setting aside a particular time each day for practicing, as consistent practice will ensure steady progress.  Students need to bring a notebook to their lessons to record their weekly assignment.  I encourage parents to read their child’s lesson book and take an active role in helping their child learn new material.  Parental involvement is essential for young students, particularly for those just learning how to read.  


Equipment:  It is important to sit at the correct height in order to ensure proper posture and position.  If the bench is too low, use a folded blanket or carpet remnants on the floor to raise the height.  If your child’s legs do not reach the ground, use a footstool to support his or her feet. Please keep fingernails short in order to avoid clicking on the keys and to facilitate the correct hand position. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.  




Lauren Cony

M.M. San Francisco Conservatory of Music


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